Hiring for a Business Development Executive !

We are hiring for a Business Development Executive with 2-4 years of Experience. Qualification: B.Sc.Chemistry Role Description: -Knowledge of API Industry -Majorly into sales and marketing of API impurities -Comfortable for field work or outdoor duties -Managing healthy relationship with Clients -Developing new ideas for the business -Coordination with R&D for development of impurities -Projection of impurities to be synthesized ... Read More »

Planet or Plastic ?

Because plastic wasn’t invented until the late 19th century, and production really only took off around 1950, we have a mere 9.2 billion tons of the stuff to deal with. Of that, more than 6.9 billion tons have become waste. And of that waste, a staggering 6.3 billion tons never made it to a recycling bin—a figure that stunned the ... Read More »

Recycle your trash..or trash your earth !

You’d be surprised by how much you throw away each week. Think about how much trash you make in year. Reducing the amount of solid waste you produce in a year means taking up less space in landfills. Buying concentrated or multipurpose products also helps to lower your trash output. At work, when taking your lunch hour, avoid buying take-away ... Read More »

Plantation, fencing and changing the course of nature’s wrath

A plantation drive done some years ago in Sunderbans islands blossomed into a mangroves jungle, helping avert destruction due to frequent cyclones and high tides.. a powerful example of what a common act of plantation can achieve. People of Biridi block, Jagatsinghpur district (Odisha) also live in constant fear of cyclones and heavy rains, surrounded as they are by Devi ... Read More »

Clean beaches !! Clearing 500 tons of garbage !

On August 4, 2018, Mumbai couple Indranil Sengupta and Rabia Tewari entered into their 46th week of cleaning the Mahim beach. Only this time, after having struggled for several weeks with a handful of volunteers, 40 students from the MET Rishikul Vidyalaya joined them. Armed with gloves, they collected heaps of non-degradable single-use plastic waste washed ashore along the stretch ... Read More »

Small steps-Huge Difference !!

Since July 2, 2018, kids living in the Tiljala slum, located close to the Mahadevi Birla World Academy in Park Circus, Kolkata, have had home food, all thanks to the Any Time Food (ATF) Fridge that has been set up by the students and teachers of the school. The school spent considerable time in understanding how existing Food ATMs worked; ... Read More »

Each One Taach One how to Plant One !

“It is not merely that the world is bettered by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees. It is that an aim of this kind becomes an impulse towards developing a mood and an outlook which will increasingly make it natural to think for the future, for other people, for generations yet unborn. Planting a tree is a symbol of a looking-forward ... Read More »

1918 influenza virus-3D structure by Scientists

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are protein-based structures that mimic viruses and bind to antibodies. Because VLPs are not infectious, they show considerable promise as vaccine platforms for many viral diseases, including influenza. Realizing that fine details about influenza VLPs were scant, a team of researchers who specialize in visualizing molecular structures developed a 3D model based on the 1918 H1 pandemic ... Read More »

A child is meant to Learn, not to Earn !

Send me to school…not to work … The term Child Labor is used for employment of children below a certain age, which is considered illegal by law and custom. The stipulated age varies from country to country and government to government Child labor is a world phenomenon which is considered exploitative and inhuman by many international organizations According to the ... Read More »

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