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Have an eco-life..see the world !

Have an eco-life..see the world !

ECO-TRAVEL IS ETHICAL travel. It’s just the right thing to do, especially as more of us are travelling than ever, it is our responsibility to conserve each magical destination we visit for generations to come.

Now, while we all have a basic knowledge of what is right, there is no standard international benchmark on what constitutes green travel.

As for getting out there and being a good eco-traveller, your journey begins at home.
For starters, if you’re travelling overseas and you have to fly, consider flying with an airline offering a carbon offset program.

Once you’re on the ground at your destination, eco-travel becomes a little more clear-cut. These are the simple rules such as don’t contribute to the world’s monstrous plastic pollution problem by drinking bottled water. Take a BPA-free water bottle which you can refill over and over again.

Many international airports and hotels now have either free water dispensers or water filters fitted so you can not only save money but you’re making a positive contribution to the environment especially in developing countries where plastic pollution is a huge issue.

Walk, cycle or take public transport rather than hiring a car, which again cuts down on costs and also reduces carbon emissions from the fuel you use. Alternatively, hire a hybrid vehicle.

And once you’re out in rural areas or exploring the wilderness, celebrate and support the local culture. Don’t rely on an app you downloaded or a couple of guidebooks. Find your own adventure by supporting local communities.

For those keen on an urban eco-adventure, you can visit green cities all over the world.   

And finally, just look for an eco-hotel. They’re being developed all over the world. If you’re unsure if you’re hotel is eco-friendly, ask them about their environmental initiatives and once you’re there, set a good example.

Reference: nationalgeographic.com

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