Vaccine shows promising results for early-stage breast cancer patients

Vaccine shows promising results for early-stage breast cancer patients Deregulation and inhibition of the immune system contributes to cancer development. Many therapeutic strategies aim to re-stimulate the immune system to recognize cancer cells and target them for destruction. Researchers from Moffitt Cancer Center report that a dendritic cell vaccine that targets the HER2 protein on breast cancer cells is safe ... Read More »

VIVAN & Logo

VIVAN & Logo ‘VIVAN’ as a word stands for “Full Of Life” in the language ‘Sanskrit’, it also has a meaning of “ New Beginning” in ‘Sanskrit’ “Full of Life, Alive, Lively…” in ‘Latin’ It also stems from ‘English’ word, which means “Strength”. We positively imbibe the said meanings in to our way of being. VIVAN’s Logo colours Our logo ... Read More »

Paint The World Green

Paint The World Green A millionaire who was bothered by severe eye pain consulted so many physicians and was getting his treatment done. He consumed heavy loads of drugs and underwent hundreds of injections. But the ache persisted with great vigor. At last a monk who was supposed to be an expert in treating such patients was called by the ... Read More »


VIVAN’s CSR VIVAN is firm in its commitment to social responsibility and considers Human and Social Development as an integral part of our working process, aiming to make a difference in people’s lives. We deliver it with unstilted support from each individual in the Organization, which is a motivational factor at higher end of Human needs for each individual, that ... Read More »

Why support Project Nanhi Kali?

Why support Project Nanhi Kali? In many parts of India, the arrival of a baby girl calls for mourning rather than celebration. Abandoning them at birth or marrying them off as children is common practice. Looked upon as huge economic burden, it is hardly surprising that many families in India don’t see the point in investing in their girls’ education ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
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